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About the program

By attending PwC's Destination CPA program, you’ll participate in a dynamic experience with individuals (and future CPAs) from across the country. During this three-day in person immersive event, there will be opportunities to network and build relationships with other future CPAs, PwC professionals and discover the versatility of a CPA license and how it can impact your career– at PwC and beyond. You won’t want to miss out on this exciting and meaningful experience!

Program dates: April 19 - 21, 2024

How to apply

  • In order to receive an invitation to Destination CPA, you'll need to apply to and receive an offer for a 2025 internship with PwC.
  • For many of our opportunities, we recruit on a rolling basis, which means when our roles open, they will fill up as offers are accepted. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible.
  • Destination CPA Program and 2025 internship applicants are required to complete an assessment to be considered for the role. After you submit an application for an entry-level position, you should expect to receive the assessment via email within a few hours. Your application is complete with the completion of the assessment, so please take into account when you apply ahead of our deadlines.


  • For this program we are seeking individuals pursuing a bachelor’s degree and be in their sophomore year of a 4-year degree program or junior year of a five-year degree program
  • Apply to and receive a 2025 Trust Client Service internship offer
  • To be considered for Destination CPA, you must be an accounting major pursuing 150 credit hours

PwC Recruiting: H-1B Lottery Policy

PwC currently is not hiring experienced or entry level job seekers who will need, now or in the future, PwC sponsorship through the H-1B lottery, except as set forth here.

(As noted in the linked website, the Chinese Business Network, Japanese Business Network, and the Korean Business Network are the only eligible roles for sponsorship and participation in PwC's Destination CPA Program.)


What are recruiters looking for in Destination CPA candidates?

During the candidate selection process recruiters are looking for individuals who meet our eligibility criteria and demonstrate some of the characteristics we find critical to success at PwC. At PwC’s Destination CPA program we are looking for participants to remain engaged, excited and inquisitive throughout the event. This immersion will help you to see the diversity of your potential career through obtaining and utilizing a CPA license.

Can you tell me about the cost, travel and logistics of this event?

Travel and accommodations will be paid for by PwC. Details pertaining to program logistics will be communicated within the program invitation.

How do I learn more about PwC’s Audit, DAT and Tax practices?

  • PwC’s Audit Services is a complementary blend of people and technology. You’ll work on tech-powered audits that put quality first and result in insights for management and the business. You will see first-hand how leveraging powerful technology can help to reimagine the possible for our clients around the world, every day. Learn More.
  • Our Digital Assurance & Transparency practice (DAT) is at the forefront of innovation, supporting both delivery of high-quality, tech-enabled solutions focused on trust and transparency and value-add growth in business and social issues that are top of mind with our clients. Learn More.
  • PwC Tax Services is on the cutting edge of one of the most challenging and intellectually rigorous fields, working with some of the world’s largest organizations on tax planning, global structuring, and tax controversy. Learn More.

Deciding if an accounting and CPA career path is for you? Learn more about the benefits and value a career as a CPA can provide.

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    Diversity, equity and inclusion

    At PwC, we are bold, intentional, transparent and unwavering in our longstanding commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

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    Employee benefits

    We offer a comprehensive, flexible, and market-competitive benefits program. Our benefits package reflects the diversity and mobility that make us unique.

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    Entry level recruiting process and FAQs

    What can you expect during the recruiting process? We've got the details for you as well as how to get started.