Strategy& Consulting - Customer Transformation opportunities

As digitisation continues transforming aspects of business, understanding customers—and exceeding their expectations with core capabilities—is increasingly important. The frontline teams at PwC, help clients strategically plan the right mix of business, experience, and technology to drive actionable change from the very start of our engagement, and deliver results that can redefine a client’s business for years to come.

Entry level professionals will apply to a Strategy& Consulting requisition and will be aligned to a specific practice team based on major and skills.

Preferred majors:

  • Business majors
  • Economics
  • Information Management
  • Marketing

Preferred skills:

  • Customer Data and Analytics
  • Growth strategy (also in ESV)
  • Marketing and commerce
  • Pricing, revenue, and profitability
  • Sales and channel enablement
  • Salesforce implementation
  • Service and engagement
  • Trade promotion