Tax opportunities

As a PwC Tax professional you will have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of work: 

  • Compliance: Preparing and filing all related tax returns for an entity.
  • Provision: Determining, or auditing, the estimate of a client's tax liability for the current year before the tax is due.
  • Consulting: Assisting clients with tax planning and advising on the tax implications associated with structural changes or other activities.

Preferred Majors:

  • Accounting
  • Accounting with STEM
  • Masters in Taxation


  • CPA certification
  • Should be pursuing the 150 credit hour requirement for CPA licensure

Sector Opportunities:

  • Asset Wealth Management (AWM), Banking and Capital Markets (BCM), Financial Services (FS): You'll help our Financial Services clients navigate the frequently changing and complex national and international tax environment related to stringent capital requirements, management of operational tax risks, and tax implications of investing in different jurisdictions. You'll help our clients with their tax structuring while helping to address the challenges of the continuously changing tax world, both locally and globally.
  • Insourced Solutions (IST): Our team helps our clients across their global tax lifecycle processes and delivers strategic commercial assets. You’ll focus on delivering top talent, technology, and processes across our global network to provide an alternative tax function model that is fit for our clients to respond to strategic evolution in the global market.
  • International Tax Services (ITS): A career within International Tax services (ITS), will provide you with the opportunity to help multinational companies address their cross border tax needs both locally and globally by managing their global tax rates, finding areas of cost reduction, and responding to inquiries from regulatory authorities. You’ll gain a global perspective and an awareness of tax issues stemming from changes to evolving business structures and geographic expansions.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) / Deals: You’ll help clients with various aspects of a merger and acquisition transactions such as restructuring, divestitures, partnerships and insolvency. You’ll focus on helping clients establish treasury goals, analyze and quantify tax assets, assess tax risks, and model taxable income and cash flow impacts.
  • Products & Services (P&S or referred to as Core): You’ll help clients improve their tax function to control risk and facilitate better decision making. You’ll focus on helping businesses with tax strategy, advising on tax compliance, increasing post tax profits, and providing application support to achieve the best corporate tax practices.
  • PwC Private: You’ll have the opportunity to experience the entire business life cycle of a private company from inception to growth, maturity and transition. Our team helps our clients design and implement personal and customized service plans that are unique to privately owned entities, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals. You’ll be assisting the team focus on key issues like wealth management, compliance, cash flow management, equity expansion, divestiture and exit strategies. 
  • Specialized Tax Services (STS): You’ll help clients achieve year to year consistency that leaves them in full compliance and with optimal cash savings. You’ll help our clients identify and qualify cash tax savings and refund opportunities as well as gauging the impact of deductions and credits on the effective tax rate.
  • State and Local Tax (SALT): A career in our State and Local Tax (SALT) services practice will provide you with the opportunity to help our clients solve their business issues related to business restructuring, adoption of new tax laws, and communicating local tax developments. You’ll help with assessing our client’s state and local tax burden and recommend solutions that support their overall business objectives so that their filling positions are consistent with good business practices and with the states applicable tax laws and rules.
  • Tax Reporting & Strategy (TRS): A career in our Tax Reporting and Strategy practice, will provide you with the opportunity to help our clients’ tax departments redesign, redefine, and redeploy tax to be a strategic asset across the enterprise. You’ll focus on assisting clients incorporate increased automation in the tax reporting process, increase analytic capabilities through data integration, and create solid internal controls that will enable the Tax function to deliver better quality output and contribute more strategically to organizational decision making. Our team helps our clients expand the tax role to include research, analytics, and technologies to improve how their organization collaborates and performs. You’ll focus on enhancing the tax reporting process by incorporating increased automation, integrating quality data, developing analytic capabilities, and utilizing technology to deliver better quality output in less time.
  • Wealth Management Tax Services (WMTS): A career in our Wealth Management Tax Services (WMTS) practice, a national practice in our overall PwC tax practice, will provide you an opportunity to work with the largest and most complex financial services organizations in advising them on tax matters in a variety of tax specialties. You'll advise clients on their federal, state and international tax responsibilities, while acting as a strategic consultant related to business analysis, dispute resolution and direct client interaction. You'll focus on tax law changes related to tax filing responsibilities, US and international tax reporting, communications with Federal and state taxing authorities and significant interaction with our clients on their tax matters.

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