Management Consulting Deals Transformation opportunities

Our Deals Transformation consultants help clients deliver increased value on their deal transactions. Our team conducts pre-deal and confirmatory due diligence, executes large scale enterprise wide integrations, and supports complex divestitures and separations. Our diligence capabilities include a wide range of functional areas such as Information Technology, Operations, Finance, and other back office functions. On integration projects our teams lead both enterprise wide and function specific integration management, and tactical execution with a focus on realizing deal objectives and synergies. In complex divestiture projects, our team supports both enterprise wide and function specific separation, and evaluates cost requirements, future state operations, and transition services. In addition, we provide mergers and acquisitions (M&A) consulting services, including M&A process improvement, M&A playbooks, and taking control of newly acquired entities.

Entry Level professionals will apply to a Management Consulting requisition and will be aligned to a specific practice team based on major and skills.

Preferred fields of study:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration/Management 
  • Computer Science/Info Systems
  • Data Analytics/Data Science
  • Economics 
  • Engineering (mechanical or industrial)
  • Finance
  • STEM

Preferred skills:

  • Previous experience in consulting, deals, M&A or industry preferred
  • Financial analyst /modeling experience